• 02 Apr Contact technical support!
    Due to a program error, data was lost from April 1, 02:00 UTC to April 2, 00:00 UTC. If you have lost funds from the account, contact technical support with the number of payment, method of payment…
  • 22 Feb There may be problems with Jabber and ICQ

    If there is no response in jabber or icq for more than 12 hours, please write to telegram about the problem. There messages come stably and never get lost.

  • 24 Mar Automatic payment bitcoin fixed

    Fixed problems associated with an empty wallet number in the bitcoin payments. Added QR code for easy payment.

  • 06 Mar Site update: map page
    The map page has been updated. Fixed problems with grouping of points and their display in one coordinate. A filter has been added. The search for tunnels is now not only on the standard 22 port, but…
  • 07 Feb Service continues to work in normal mode

    Authorization and registration are again available, now with invisible captcha. Work checker on the proxy and risk resumed.

  • 04 Feb Registration is temporarily closed and authorization
    The service has been attacked by multiple authorization attempts, currently open authorization is temporarily disabled. Contact technical support to get a link to the authorization page. We are…
  • 02 Feb Problems with automatic btc reception
    Confirmation of payments btc is in manual mode, be prepared for time delays. It is not recommended to create orders with payment by bitcoin to unauthorized users.
  • 27 Jan Problems fixed
    For a long time, the function of manual check of ip on proxy & risk score did not work. Now all problems are eliminated. If you encounter such a problem, contact the technical support for the…
  • 18 Jan Temporary disturbances on the server
    At the moment, because of server updates, there are problems with the system. We deal with problems, we apologize for the inconvenience
  • 19 Dec Change of official jabber
    Jabber's account [email protected] is pretty problematic.
    If there is no answer from it, try writing in a new [email protected]
Now available SSH
China 532
United States 485
Russian Federation 142
Brazil 132
Thailand 78
India 76
Turkey 60
Taiwan, Province of China 50
Korea, Republic of 49
Ukraine 30
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Sale of SSH-tunnels

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getSSH is the best provider of SSH tunnels on the planet Earth. Our SSH tunnels are based in more than 100 countries, and their number is constantly growing. The quality of each SSH tunnel is thoroughly verified in the multistep process. You may choose a tunnel in any locale at any time you wish without worrying about the provider – the service is fully automated.

Our considerate support team will gladly assist you in every step of implementation on the highly individualised basis.


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